ESSE by Gustavo Cortiñas Snapshot (2017)

Justin Copeland - trumpet
Artie Black - tenor sax
Roy McGrath - tenor sax
Adam Thornburg - trombone
Hans Luchs - guitar
Joaquín García - piano
Kitt Lyles - bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - drums and cymbals

"A fascinating musical realization, exploration, and distillation of the works of Hegel, Aristotle, Descartes, Plato, and other brilliant minds...statements that are both studious and thought-provoking in nature...Gustavo Cortinas has worked everything out in his musical neck of the woods." - Dan Bilawski - All About Jazz

"With the cohesive and captivating Esse, Cortiñas has created superb work that balances refreshingly inventive ideas with high-caliber musicianship. This exquisite and continuously gripping record is a testament to Cortiñas’ triple threat of skills as dynamic performer, agile bandleader and brilliant composer." - Hrayr Attarian - Chicago Jazz Magazine

"Esse is a master stroke" - Coleurs Jazz Hit - France

Snapshot by Gustavo Cortiñas (2013)

Victor Goines – Tenor Saxophone
Roy McGrath – Tenor Saxophone
Justin Copeland – Trumpet
Michael Allemana – Guitar
Kitt Lyles – Upright Bass
Gustavo Cortiñas – Drums and cymbals.

"A Smörgåsbord of the moods and nuances that make up the human experience... intrinsically fusing the personal to the universal..." Jazziz Magazine.

"...a captivating mélange of exuberant energy and sophisticated subtlety." CHICAGO JAZZ MAGAZINE.

Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections by Carla Campopiano Trio (2018)

Early in 2018, I had the pleasure of traveling to Argentina with my dear friend Carla Campopiano, to embark on a musical journey unlike any other I've ever had. The goal was a collaboration between some pretty badass Argentine musicians and yours truly, on a project that would bring the tango repertoire together with some elements of jazz and specifically jazz drumming (and a whole lotta brush work). Tango and its repertoire are very challenging, and traditionally don't involve a percussionist, so here was the fun and the challenge: coming up with an approach to this music that would not disrespect tango or take away from its beauty, and hopefully add a different spice to the mix. It's far from perfect, but I am really proud of the work we did, and I think we came up with some beautiful combinations and arrangements. Hope you enjoy :)

Scrumptious by Karen Willough (2018)

Arranged for big band, “Scrumptious," is Karen's first CD includes a swing version of “Whispering," most famously recorded by Paul Whiteman in 1920, as well as a sultry rendition of the 1975 Orleans song “Dance with Me." The title track, “Truly Scrumptious" comes from the enchanting film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

Shaitaan Dil (Naughty Heart) by Subhi (2017)

Debut album by Hindi Pop Jazz singer/songwriter Subhi. For the album, Subhi worked with renowned musicians from the Chicago Jazz scene including Joaquin Garcia (Piano), Rajiv Halim (Saxophone), Ivan Taylor (Double Bass) & Gustavo Cortinas (Drums). "Shaitaan Dil" highlights Subhi's journey as an artist; the choices she made and the struggles she encountered. Subhi's songs highlight her experiences during her travels between Mumbai & Chicago. Anchoring it all together is Subhi’ earthy and organic voice. Her musical exuberance is matched only by her vivacious personality.

Damage Proof - Adreian Davis (2017)

Like inhaling the jutting aroma of a new car right before setting it on fire. A fresh amalgam of rock and electronic music with transient love notes to 80's new wave pop.

Reflexiones - Renato Pontta (2017)

Debut EP by Mexican pop-fusion singer songwriter Renato Pontta, exploring pause and introspection through sound.

Kevin & Hell Plays Jazz by Kevin & Hell (2016)

Kevin and Hell - Guitar
Kitt Lyles - Bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - Drums
Andrew Longaker - Rhythm Guitar on 7 and 8
released April 3, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin at The Coco Club and Kevin's Studio
Mastered by Nate Amos at Grandpa Bay

Real Talk by Kitt Lyles (2015)

Justin Copeland- trumpet
Roy McGrath- tenor sax
Hans Luchs- guitar
Joaquin Garcia- piano
Kitt Lyles- bass
Gustavo Cortiñas- drums
Rajiv Halim- alto sax tracks 1, 3

"Eight impassioned original compositions, each of which is expertly performed by Lyles' crack shot sextet. Lyles' stimulating originals cover a wide spectrum of moods, from difficult odd-meter tunes to gospel infused blues vehicles. This emotive work provides a great platform for many exciting group moments." Chicago Jazz Magazine

Hymns For Earth by Wang Lei, Yile (2015)

Recorded in Beijing, China

An album dedicated with respect to the Savannah, showing an epic journey cross between Asia and Africa. With a global team of over 22 musicians, the tracks vary in styles including jazz, world, new age and rock.

Featuring music from the Roy McGrath Quartet with:
Roy McGrath - tenor sax
Joaquín García - piano
Kitt Lyles - bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - drums & cymbals

Martha by The Roy McGrath Quartet (2014)

Roy McGrath – Tenor Saxophone
Joaquin Garcia– Piano
Kitt Lyles – Upright Bass
Gustavo Cortiñas – Drums and cymbals.

"McGrath attains a sound capable of Dexter Gordon-like languor and Stan Getz gleam. Pianist Joaquin Garcia performs creatively, attuned—as are bassist Kitt Lyles and drummer Gustavo Cortiñas—to Mc- Grath’s subdued moods. The four have the talent and chops to add positivity to Chicago’s soundscape."
Downbeat Magazine, March 2016, by Howard Mandel

"Cortiñas plays with razor-sharp instincts and employs rich colors from his kit." - Dan Healy - Chicago Jazz Magazine

Sonido Obscuro by Cristian Larumbe (2014)

A six-song cycle (EP) produced and written by Mexican guitarist/singer/songwriter Christian Larumbe for a Chicago based power trio.
Engineered by Frank Orrall ( Poi Dog Pondering and Thievery Corporation) and recorded at Platetectonic Studios and Gravity.

Do I Know You? by Sasha Bayan (2014)

Chicago, IL - 2014

40+ instruments, 35 musicians, 9 songs, 1 vision.

A contemporary pop album influenced by jazz, classical, hindustani, and the blues.

Do I Know You? traces the trajectory of love across its various permutations. From infatuation and concern to obsessions with fame and power, the themes of each song take the listener through a journey of highs and lows. The unique blend of acoustic instrumentals, spirited vocals, and dramatic lyrics promises to deliver a fresh perspective on songwriting.

Collective Vision by Collective Vision (2010)

Debut album by NOLA based Collective Vision sextet, a modern mesh of jazz, third stream, soul and gospel.

Woody Rinker - alto sax
Leland Baker - tenor sax
Erin Demastes - piano and keyboards
Sevastian Valenzuela - guitar
Calvin Morin Martin - bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - drums & cymbals

Long Shot by The Roy McGrath Trio (2010)

Roy McGrath - tenor sax
Trey Boudreaux - bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - drums & cymbals

"His debut album, "Long Shot", recorded with bassist Trey Boudreaux and drummer Gustavo Cortiñas, is a solid collection of melodies interpreted professionally, with blues feeling and notable empathy between the musicians".
Rafael Vega Curry on Puerto Rico's "El Nuevo Día" posted on May 25th 2011.

Dibujando Sonidos by Silberén (2010)

Mexico City, MX - 2011
An eclectic blend of jazz, pop and electronica by Mexican singer-songwriter Silberén.

El Camino by Marco Durán (2009)

Jazz guitar trio performing original compositions by Marco Durán.

Marco Durán - guitar
Aaron Cruz - bass
Jaime de la parra - bass
Gustavo Cortiñas - drums & cymbals

Marchante by Nobajoq (2008)

Mexico City, MX - 2008
Rock power trio based in Mexico City, one of my first professional studio experiences.