ESSEGustavo Cortinas Snapshot

Chicago, IL - 2017

"A fascinating musical realization, exploration, and distillation of the works of Hegel, Aristotle, Descartes, Plato, and other brilliant minds...statements that are both studious and thought-provoking in nature...Gustavo Cortinas has worked everything out in his musical neck of the woods."
Dan Bilawski - All About Jazz

Gustavo Cortinas Snapshot

SnapshotGustavo Cortiñas

Chicago, IL - 2013 - "This nine song program sheds a light on the many and varied talents of Gustavo Cortiñas... gives pause to admire the musical skills, taste, touch and compositional acumen of a fine musician. Cortiñas creates music that's driving, episodic and straightforward."-Dan Bilawski - AllAboutJazz.

Gustavo Cortiñas

Real TalkKitt Lyles

Chicago, IL - 2015 - Debut CD of original compositions arranged for sextet and septet by bassist Kitt Lyles.
"Eight impassioned original compositions, each of which is expertly performed by Lyles' crack shot sextet. Lyles' stimulating originals cover a wide spectrum of moods, from difficult odd-meter tunes to gospel infused blues vehicles. This emotive work provides a great platform for many exciting group moments."

Kitt Lyles

MarthaRoy McGrath Quartet

Chicago, IL - 2014 - "Martha is a terrific sophomore effort from a real up-and-comer. Cortiñas plays with razor-sharp instincts and employs rich colors from his kit." - Dan Healy - Chicago Jazz Magazine

Roy McGrath Quartet

Sonido ObscuroChristian Larumbe

Chicago, IL - 2014 - Chicago based power trio record of original compositions by Mexican singer and guitarist Christian Larumbe. Produced by Frank Orrall.

Christian Larumbe

Do I Know You?Sasha Bayan

Chicago, IL - 2014 - 40+ instruments, 35 musicians, 9 songs, 1 vision. A contemporary pop album influenced by jazz, classical, hindustani, and the blues.

Sasha Bayan


Mexico City, MX - 2008 - Rock power trio based in Mexico City, one of my first professional studio experiences.